Florida’s Faith and Community Leaders,

We are excited to announce that through Governor DeSantis’ Faith and Community Based Initiative, we have launched what we believe is the nation’s first “Faith and Community Information Line” (FCIL) in our desire to better encourage and support you in your service to Floridian’s. The FCIL—a direct line designed for you, was created to better thank, communicate with and answer questions from the faith and community leaders of our state.

In your positions of leadership, we know there are a great deal of issues and areas that you serve in. Where you have questions or intersection with state government, we want to be there to help answer those questions and drive solutions. This “red-phone” concept, exclusively for faith and community leaders, provides a direct communication line for Florida’s faith and community based organizations to better navigate state government, state services, and support the efforts of those organizations serving Florida’s most vulnerable. The Faith and Community Information Line will be a first of its kind resource; specialized to deliver constituent support and resources tailored to Florida’s faith and community networks.

I invite you to save this number in your phone and with your organization to utilize as a resource.

The Florida Faith and Community Information Line number is:


Since its inception in 2019, the Governor’s Faith and Community Initiative has emphasized the priority the Governor has placed on the faith and community leadership of our state. To the faith leaders, you meet not only the spiritual needs of your members and congregations, but you also have for generations, been there for your community. To community-based leaders, you too have placed the premium on service to others and we cannot thank you enough for that commitment. Through the Faith and Community Information Line and other initiatives, is our hope to be in better relationship with you for the service and advancement of Florida’s most vulnerable.

Thank you for all that you do!

Erik Dellenback,
Governor’s Faith and Community Liaison

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